Denny Mountain Media
is proud to be a
woman-owned business.

Jill Sherensky and Patrick Batson founded Denny Mountain Media to establish a business that promotes excellence in content development and web publishing while cultivating genuine work-life balance. The company has evolved into a collective of like-minded individuals drawn together by a desire to excel in their work and to work with great people.

We’re senior-level content and web development professionals dedicated to our craft and convinced that the best way to do it well is to function as fully-committed partners with our clients. We're also much more than the services we provide. To us, living life well means delighting our clients while pursuing diverse passions and interests outside of work. We believe that living conscientious and balanced lives is critical to maintaining the energy and drive required to deliver the best results.

The best part is that it works! Our clients turn to us time after time because of the quality of our work, our integrity, and our dedication, and our employees tell us they love the company we are creating together.